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Creative Solutions | Why Do We Build Your SEO Organically?

When we receive inquiries, we're always asked, "What does organically growing my SEO mean?" or, "Don't I need a plug in to get higher on google ranking?" So today, we're going to answer these FAQs.

First of all, SEO is, Search Engine Optimization; which basically means the rank your business appears on any Search Engine. There are several ways to achieve a high ranking, but here at The 530 & CO. we take the organic route!

Why do we avoid having our clients pay for SEO plug ins?
This is because growing organically will ultimately build a loyal clientele. When building an organic following, you're putting content and copy out there that is personable, rather than making your way to the top of the ranking without any relevant or personal content. 

How do you build your SEO organically?
We love answering this question! This is all about being relevant, consistent, and honest. There are so many small businesses out there that are trying to relay the same message, and ultimately failing in the long run. They fail because their content either isn't relevant to their brand, or it's too similar to another company. Blogging hot topics such as How To's and What To Do When... posts are going to help your website be seen much quicker than posting images of your dog without any useful information on it. See what I mean? The more text, titles and awesome keywords, the faster you'll be noticed.

Why did you build a company like this when it is so easy to maintain?
We receive this question from those around us a lot. "If it's so easy why is there a market for it?" Well, in the easiest word... Time. Businesses don't have time to maintain all of this content and copy creation! When you're trying to run a product shop, or a photography business.. The last thing you want to worry about is keywords and relevant content right? That's how The 530 & Co. was born. We want to help small businesses become more creative, but better yet, more RELEVANT online. Through proper copy and content, anything is possible. 

All in all, organic growth will help you not only grow as a business, but also as an individual. It will allow your creative juices to flow! Think about it, when you go to a business's Instagram, and it's a graphic with words and no caption, do you relate? Aren't you more apt to follow a pretty Instagram profile with meaning and passion? SEO plug ins will not do the work for you, so why not put in the work, the time, and the effort?

Let's chat about how we can help you grow organically! Go on vacation, and let us take over your tedious daily social media tasks... We've got this.

The 530 & Co.

Delphine Jespersen