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Creative Solutions | Why Getting Online Is So Important

As we have been growing over the last several months, thanks to our incredible team, we’ve realized that a lot of our new clients have been skeptical in giving us control over their social media and website! We get it… it’s a scary thing, giving control away when you don’t know what the outcome will be! But getting online, is SO important.

On today’s blog post, I’m here to let you know that outsourcing to stay consistent online is a GOOD thing. You may think you have enough time to post every day, but don’t you think you could be focusing on something else?


Why is it so important for me to outsource?

We get this question a lot, but the short answer is: because we want you to take time on building your clientele, and growing your communication skills, rather than worrying about your online presence. Did you know, we sometimes outsource (as a social media company) to make sure our content and copy is getting out to our audience asap?! This is because consistent content, keeps your audience excited and ready for the next post! Don’t spend the extra time posting when you can be worrying about what your current clients’ needs are.

Why do I need to get online when I am a local company?

Being a local creative solution agency, we have a lot of local companies, and this is definitely one of the main questions asked. We live in Chico, California, a college town right? So when parents or even students are looking up, let’s say, an auto repair store… they’re only going to find that repair store through the web, because it’s the day and age of the internet! Do you think they’d find your particular shop if you hadn’t posted a few of your deals online? Probably not. SO even if you’re a local company, figure out who your demographic is, and determine whether you need the help or not from there.

Where do I begin if I want to get online?

First, determine what your needs are, who your demographic is, and what you want to accomplish online. Do you want more traffic to come to your website? Do you want products sold through your online store? What exactly are you looking for in return? These are questions we can help you answer over the phone or over a cup of coffee or even a glass of wine! Refer to our previous blog post about finding your Niche… it’ll help!

All in all, getting online is important; whether you’re looking for more clients or not! Maintaining your social media accounts will even build your current client’s trust with you and your company, because people LOVE a personable company to work with. Share the ups and the downs of the company. Share the good moments, share the hard moments… Be real with your audience.

We would love to help you succeed online. Give us a call or drop us an email!

The 530 & Co. Team

Delphine Jespersen