The 530 & CO.




As a creative solution company, we take pride in being able to look at an image, and tell a story without being at the specific event, or location that the image was captured. Great copywriting can lead to excellent SEO and will allow your audience to trust you, and your words.


Virtual Assistance

Are you looking for a way to streamline your business? Take the small tasks off of your plate by delegating to a third party, so you can focus on what matters most... your clients! Take a vacation, and know that your accounts, whether that is your email, or social media accounts, will be taken care of!


Squarespace Design

Your business is not simply a name and a logo. It's a story... it's your why. Creating an authentic and accessible website through Squarespace will allow us help you tell your story through the eyes of your online consumers! We excel in Squarespace design, but we are more than wiling to dive into other hosts too!