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As an entrepreneur, it's important to find a niche that fits YOU and your brand. As you probably know, there are SO many businesses being created each day; what makes you stand out?

I'm sure you're wondering... How do I find this niche of mine? There are ways, and we're here to share them!

Ask yourself, why?
Why is a question we should all ask ourselves before beginning the journey into entrepreneurship. As mentioned previously, we need to be unique. The 530 & CO is to help wedding professionals, and small businesses get online to spread awareness towards their product/services; but in a creative way! 

What sets yourself apart?
This goes hand in hand with being unique. As a company, what sets yourself apart from any other company? Do you offer something more than just your services? Do you add bonus products? Do you offer special coupons for loyal customers? Make sure you do your research!

Enjoy what you do!
Enjoying what you do can make a difference in how you portray yourself and your company! This is one of the main ways you can find your niche. Do you wake up excited to get to work? If so, you've done the first part of finding your niche; which is enjoying what you do. Getting excited about what you do is so important to ensure that you're making a difference. For example, we help our clients reach their own clients by making content and copy, and we adore it. We love how it makes our clients' clientele feel!

Share you knowledge.
When you share your knowledge with the world, it will allow you to grow in your business. This will also allow people to offer positive critiques on your business! Sharing is caring, right?

We love our clients, and the work that they have us do is making a huge impact on the world!

The 530 & CO


Delphine Jespersen