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Life is a balancing act; and that's OK.

Answer this question; why are we so afraid to take time for ourselves daily? Is it the fear of missing out, or is it the fear of not being efficient? I'm not an expert by any means, but as an owner of two companies, I get it. I understand that taking time out of the day for yourself is scary... but its necessary. 

Why take time for yourself? It feels GOOD to do something selfish for a change. It's interesting how we can be completely knee deep in our work and not notice what time it is. Today's blog post is a little more personal than our others; as it's discussing a topic that not many people understand these days. It's a topic that is absolutely necessary to run your own business. Here we go;

Figure out what you love to do.
Is this reading a book, going for a run, or drinking your cup of coffee alone on the porch? What is that one thing that truly makes you feel warm inside? For me, I personally love listening to a really great (and new) artist in the morning while drinking my coffee. I also love taking 30-60 minutes a day to exercise. I know, I know, how do I have TIME for all of that? It's because I know it's okay to be selfish sometimes. Not everyone has the luxury of leaving their office whenever they want, I understand that. But instead of sitting at your desk at lunch, go for a 20 minute jog, and eat your sandwich when you get back. I usually get up before the sun to do my exercises, but lately, since I am my own boss, and our meetings are in the late afternoon, I have the ability to run in the gorgeous spring weather. (I spoke too soon... tomorrow's forecast... not as sunny!)

Once you figure that out, make time for it.
This is obviously easier said than done, and I touched on this a bit in the last paragraph, but this is the key component to living a happy and balanced life; it truly is. Whether it's getting up an hour before your baby like Rachel Allene does, or if it is actually putting your baby on your back and getting into the gym in the middle of the day between client meetings like Nicole at Nicole & CO. (I'm using these amazing moms because I aspire to be like them one day, and I also feel as though a lot of my audience are mommas...) it's POSSIBLE. Or, if you're like me, who cannot go a day without at least a 3 mile run, then get your stuff done, and tie those shoes. Get out the door and enjoy every minute of it.

Enjoying something can mean a lot of different things. Enjoying free time, exercise, or alone time is feeling relaxed, and accomplished. Enjoying something isn't easy... Take it for those who float at True Float here in Chico, they enjoy complete silence, complete darkness, and complete stillness for 60 minutes... That, to some isn't enjoyment at all, but to a lot of people it satisfies their leisure needs. This word has a different meaning for every circumstance. But in this particular one, I'm telling you to ENJOY; and there is nothing you can do about it!

As mentioned previously, I'm not here to tell you what to do, or how to live your life... but something I know for sure is, life is too short to be anything but happy; and balancing your life will make sure you're enjoying every minute.

Let's enjoy enjoyment together.
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Delphine Jespersen