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Life is a balancing Act. 

That's for sure. Whether you have a new born baby, a toddler, a fur child, or a husband who works long hours... you have to know how to balance your personal and work life in order for your relationships and business grow! I know, trust me, it's hard work, but enjoying your life is more substantial than making money.


1. Leave Your Work At Home

In many cases, being your own boss makes it HARD to leave work at home, especially when you work from home! This is when time management comes in to play. Set a certain time frame for specific work, and then take the rest of the day off. Treat it like an office job... (just not in the 9-5 time frame, because yuck). 

2. Take A Day Off

If you work on the weekends, it is so important to take a day off. Whether that is Sunday and Monday or any other day... it helps re-boot your ideas and excitement to get back to work! We ALL need at least one day off. So in the words of Tom & Retta, treat Yo Self. You're welcome :-).

3. Take Time For Yourself

Even if you don't have a crying toddler or a busy husband at home, take time for yourself. Whether that means getting a well deserved pedicure, or telling the barista at Starbucks that you'd like to drink your coffee there, breathe and do something you enjoy. If it's for 10 minutes, so be it! Be a little selfish, I'm giving you permission.

4. Remember To Smile

This may seem so cliche, but smiling actually helps elevate your endorphins which ultimately results in a better mood. And you guessed it, this results in a more productive work day which in the end allows you to get done earlier! WOW, what a mouth full! LOVE what you do, it'll make a difference in not only your work progression, but also in your every day lives. 

These 4 tips seem self explanatory to you right? They may not be as easy as you think. Changing a routine is always tough, but when you begin to know your worth and value, it'll make it easier!

Happy Working!
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Delphine Jespersen