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Creative Solutions | How To Use Color For Branding

Color; the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

Branding is SO important when it comes to building a business. But would you have ever thought that the colors you use could impact your demographic? Do you have a certain type of customer that you're trying to attract? Today on the blog, I have 5 reasons WHY using the same color scheme is important in staying consistent with your audience!

1. Color distinguishes your business from others.

Let's be honest, there are SO many businesses out there that seem to have the same color "theme" as other businesses. So choosing your colors can enhance your unique style. Being different is GOOD. It separates you from everyone else with similar ideas!

2. Color keeps your brand consistent.

Consistency within your business is KEY and color can help with your brand's recognition. Let's take Google for example. When you see the multi colored letters, and of course the "GOOGLE" text, you KNOW that it is Google. When you see the yellow McDonalds Arch, you know that is McDonalds. Obviously, font style goes hand in hand with color, but you get the picture! Not only does your brand need to stay consistent throughout all of your social media platforms, but it should also reflect on your website and content on social media as well.

3. Color comforts customers/clients.

Back in the day, I learned a lot about what certain colors meant. I've definitely taken those lessons to heart, and I use it to my advantage! The 530 & CO. loves white, neutrals and light pinks because we cater to #bossbabes and it is a sweet and innocent style. For our sister company The 530 Bride, we use a lot of teal and black. This portrays a luxurious feeling, which is good for a wedding planning company, since a wedding day is luxurious and very important to the couple getting married! Do you sell relaxing products such as, skin care, massage oils, or candles? Cooler colors are the colors for you! Do you own a Go-Carting business that is all about being fast and furious? Warmer colors such as red and orange go hand in hand with that! 

4. Don't go OVERBOARD.

I see this all of the time... businesses going crazy with a color scheme and ultimately not staying consistent. You can use certain colors, but don't allow them to clash! Your brand must be appealing to the eye in order to gain a client or customer. Think about it... Would you enjoy looking at a website with 5 different types of red hues? It is easy to get carried away with color, but remember, the more simple, the better!

5. Be unique.

I bring up being unique again because in the world of entrepreneurs, it is hard to maintain a unique brand that does not look like the persons's business next to you. This isn't due to being a "copy cat" but more of being lost in the direction you want to take. It's kind of like writing a song and adding a tune to go with it... you often hear some of the same tunes with different lyrics, because once you hear a specific song, artists run with it! This isn't because they are intentionally meaning to steal the tune. It's because there are so many songs out there, that it is difficult to create a unique melody. Choose a color that speaks to YOUR brand, and forget about the rest!

Being unique with your color choices within your brand is going to make or break your business. It's crazy to think that color has this big of an impact isn't it? As you're scrolling your IG feed, see which photo catches your eye. Is it a dark photo? A light and airy photo with a picture of a coffee mug (found on @The530andCo IG page....) or is it a photo of a baby? What colors captures your attention? 

Color is FUN, so enjoy building your brand with them!
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Delphine Jespersen