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Creative Solutions | How To Use Hashtags In An Effective & Exciting Way!

We know, the word "hashtag" is intimidating, and even sometimes annoying to hear everyone talking about them right? We know, and we're not here to tell you what you've heard up to this point, but we DO want you to know that these words aren't as terrifying as you think! Hootsuite also has an awesome article explaining when, and where to use hashtags!


Here are a few tips on how to enjoy using hashtags! (Yes it's possible)

1. When creating your brand, hashtag YOUR business.

This is actually something that we enjoy doing frequently. Not only to promote our business, but to also be able to go back to that specific hashtag, (in this case, #the530andco) and see what we've posted in the past. This allows us to know where to focus on our social media for the future. 

2. Hashtag words that are trending.

This can be one of the tedious parts about hash-tagging, but it is SO important to do. People want to follow other Instagram accounts that have relevance to their lives. For example, our demographic are #bossbabes, so we consistently hashtag that specific word to grasp their attention! If you're a cupcake shop, hashtag #cupcakes or #deliciouscupcakes to grasp your demographic's attention, this is just an example of course. 

3. Do some fun research.

Who said taking a few hashtags from a business's Instagram is stealing?! It's NOT! See what helps other businesses in your industry grow by checking out their hashtags. Trust us, everyone has been there, and it truly does help to see what others are using to boost their audience. 

4. Don't use the same hashtags on every single post.

We always get in the habit of using the same hashtags on every single post, but that's because it's convenient right? But what if we told you that is isn't affective. Why? Because people do not search the same hashtags every single day. Even if you mix up one or two of the hashtags, new people from the same demographic will start following you!

Every social media platform changes their algorithm to keep businesses on their toes. Change is GOOD, even though as humans, we are scared of it. If you embrace change and new trends, your business will succeed.

We hope today's post inspires you to take it to the next level when hash-tagging! 

Happy Hump Day!
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Delphine Jespersen