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Creative Solutions | How a Mood Board Can Define Your Business Brand

We are a visual society, we consume visual content all day on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest (just to name a few). So it makes sense for clients to want to get to an impression of your brand or services just from the visual story it tells when they visit your website or pick up a business card. 

What is a mood board?


From the colors of your brand, to the pieces or textures that inspire you in your every day life. Your brand is representation of you and a mood board is a great way to start ironing out these key take-aways that you would like to communicate to your prospective clients. 

Design can change over time as your brand evolves or as your strategy changes.  As you start to delegate tasks or grow a team, having a brand identify can help with on-boarding new staff to ensure they understand the mission and heart of your company.

If you are a Pinterest user  you can start by creating a business board and set it to "secret" as these pins aren't really for your clients they are just for you to start visualizing and see what patterns pop up.  If you start seeing that mostly neutrals or maybe bold color combinations are jumping out at you, make a mental note because it could mean that you identify more with these colors and it might be time to incorporate them into your business. 

Get your creative juices and ideas flowing and stay tuned for our next post on Typography, choosing a font is much more important than most realize!