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Copywriting in Chico, California

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization. We always get the question, why is it so important to have? Who do I go to to boost my SEO? How much do I have to pay? How long does it take? That's why we are here, to answer all of your questions and to implement it in a way that makes sense for you and your business. Did you know that having something as simple as a blog can boost your SEO immensely? We can create one for you, and even keep up with keywords and even content! Not only do we offer an affordable solution to your SEO needs and questions, we also ensure that there are monthly meetings to go over your business's success through analytics and data. Let's chat some more and see how we can help your business grow and thrive!


Copy is more than just words. It’s a way to gain the trust you’ve been seeking from your clients, and future clients! This goes hand in hand with content. The difference between the two is; copy is the written text, and content is the image that one looks at. It’s the image that captures the attention, but it’s the copywriting that will have these individuals coming back for more!




Scheduling is the number one tool that we ADORE. What we will do for you, is create a week or two worth of posts. Content that matches your voice and your theme on Instagram, Facebook, etc. This can also help with being consistent. Let us take the hastle off of you!