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Copy Writing Company | Instagram Algorithm - Why Being Authentic Is So Important

Photo by Maisoue Yang

Photo by Maisoue Yang

Oh Instagram, you’ve hit us with yet another algorithm change! But this time, I’m excited - actually, our team is excited! From the moment we heard that Instagram was changing their algorithm to more of an authentic style of posting, I immediately started changing my copywriting with all of my clients. Today, I am going to share how you can change your ways to connect to your audience in a more authentic way.

4 Ways To Connect To Your Audience

1. Get Personal
Getting more personal with your audience and clientele is important to connect, which will result in more sales, and more of a following! How to do this? Use I, instead of us. Use me instead of we. Putting yourself into the equation will allow people to trust you more!

2. Use Authentic Hashtags
Using appropriate hashtags is one thing, but are they authentic to your photo and your message? Confused on how to do this? Look at your photo, use specific words that relate to the photo, and add a slew of hashtags relating to your brand and profile. This way you have copied hashtags and can just copy and paste them, while just changing a few each time, rather than creating an entire list every time you post.

3. Use Facts To Bring People In
Although your brand might be unique, does your content and copy draw people in? What makes your copy and content special? Does it make individuals feel good about themselves? Does it make people want to buy product? Don’t overthink it, but make sure your content is interesting! Think about what YOU like to look at, and go from there.

4. Use Eye Catching Color
In your advertisements and social media posts, using eye catching colors will allow people to stop and look at your content while they’re scrolling through their newsfeed. Did you know, having an esthetic on your Instagram can create an audience? Just doing something as simple as having a pattern can grab people’s attention!

Let me know if you use any of these tips to help your social media grow throughout this algorithm change!

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