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Creative Solutions | What Is The Difference Between Copywriting & Content?

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When I am pitching my services to people who seem to show some interest in outsourcing, when I say that I create copy for posts, I see a deer in the headlights, which is totally ok! Copywriting sounds extremely formal, but it’s actually a skillset that we’ve built up quite a bit here at The 530 & Co, and is quite simple.

With our incredible writers, we can look at an image, that is either provided by you, or created by us, and tell a story. Whether it’s an image of a bride and groom staring into each-other’s eyes, or if it is an image of a building, we will talk about it’s character and why the windows remind us of something specific. We can take your voice, and turn it into an engaging story that your audience and clients will be interested in.

The worst post, is a post where it is a sales pitch. A post without any substance, without a story. As a consumer, I skip over posts that do not explain what they do, or why they do what they do. I require a sense of trust before I purchase anything from anyone, especially online.

That being said, you may be an incredible writer, but coming up with a witty sentence, or a passionate post, can be difficult when you’re living your day to day lives. We get that! That’s why, we’re taking our skill, making it our full time job, and finally allowing small businesses to enjoy their lives without the hassle and tedious task of writing a caption every single day.

You can take a look at our previous posts to see why outsourcing can save your company. Why it can change your life, personally and professionally. Take the next step, invest a little to gain your passion back. We’re here for you!

-The 530 & Co. Team

Delphine Jespersen