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Creative Solutions | A New Year, A New Me?


We always hear, “New Year, New Me.” But what about, new year, more motivated, goal oriented, organized me? Having a clear goal in mind for the New Year is never a bad thing, but don’t set yourself up for failure by setting expectations that are intangible for yourself!

We are strong believers in a fresh start over here at The 530 & Co. head quarters, so trust us when we say we understand this mentality. This year, we are changing things up; for not only our sanity, but to also help us grow in a realistic way.

In this post, we are going to throw out a few “ideas” or suggestions for those of you trying to build your own business, or even for those of you looking to streamline some of your goals to become more realistic in your day to day lives; because again, we get it!

  1. Set Goals for yourself.
    This may seem “cliche” or an obvious statement, but have you actually tried doing this? Sitting down with your new planner, fresh pages, a new pen… write those goals down. Even if they’re intangible, start somewhere. Within your business, this will allow yourself to open up and make moves that you might have avoided in the past.

  2. Surround yourself with positivity.
    Positivity can be: the people you surround yourself with, the music you listen to, the books or podcasts you listen to, or even the blogs you find online. Positivity is important to grow in your business and personal life; so make it a priority to find positivity

  3. It’s a new year, so what?
    Let’s say you don’t have a good week, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have a terrible year. That means you’re living a real life! Bad days are normal and just because it’s a new year, doesn’t mean that normal occurrences just vanish… But that’s when we go back to positivity, which ultimately changes your attitude about certain situations, which then leads to wonderful days and weeks ahead. (I know this sounds so easy, but try it!)

  4. Get your systems and processes in order!
    Having a plan, a schedule, a time that you post, or chat with clients, will help you streamline business in a new and affective way! If you’re not outsourcing for social media, (which if you want to… let us help!) then streamlining your social media through schedulers, content calendars, etc. will help you sleep at night!

So, with all of that being said, Happy NEW YEAR! Make this your year. In your business, in your personal life… whatever it may be, stay positive, drink water, and do the dang thing ok? You’ve got this.

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Delphine Jespersen