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On today’s post we’re going to be chatting about what people really want to see when your post pops up on their feed? 

Something cheesy or generic? Think again! People want engaging content that speaks to who you are as a person, company, or service. We love being able to do that for our clients.

Here are a few ways how you can have a meaningful feed -

Know your audience 

Who follows you? Professionals, everyday moms and dads or students? It’s important to make sure you understand who you are posting for. Once you go through your followers, the people who interact with your posts, and your account analytics you can decide what type of content is appropriate for those who are following you.



Read the following sentence out loud: We love working for our clients.
Now read this: We love working for our clients!

They sound different right? Punctuation helps your followers know what you’re excited about, how you communicate and what is on your mind when you’re posting. If you’re like us, we are always excited about the content we are sharing and we definitely want our followers to know that! Hence, the exclamation marks you see all over our content! Pay attention to this the next time you post. 


Not only is posting content important for meaningful connections through social media, but it is also important to make time to engage with your followers when they comment o your posts, something you’re tagged in, or a comment you wrote. Replying directly to followers shows them that you’re not just posting to have something on your feed, but that you’re a real person who cares about their reactions and comments on your activity. 

Everyday we get to learn more about our clients, their goals, lifestyles, and create content that matches their vision. Whether it’s booking a photoshoot for a pretty product, finding images that speak more than a thousand words for an everyday service, or creating blogs that bring clients and businesses to a common ground of getting to know each other, we love being involved in the process of sparking connection! 

Here at 530 & Co. we are available to help you take some weight off your shoulders to creating and posting content for you that will help you, your current, and your future clients understand why they should follow you. 

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Delphine Jespersen