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Well hello there boss ladies! How has your week been? Today on the blog, I’m getting personal with you again! I asked my Instagram followers if they enjoy the transparency, and we got a great response!

Being personal through a professional platform can be tough for several reasons. One, being, that some people may just follow The 530 & Co. for the marketing tips, business inspiration, or for the pretty esthetic that we have rolling through our feed… or they may follow us for other reasons unknown to us!

That being said, being an entrepreneur at 25 years old, things will change! We will continue to update, grow, and change our personality throughout our platforms.. that’s just a part of growing up right?

The purpose of today’s blog is to share my story. How I got to where I am, and where I plan on taking my business in the future. Hang tight, it gets juicy!


As you know, I am Delphine, and The 530 & Co. started when I was fresh out of college. But let’s rewind a bit… 10 years ago I moved from Florida to California, my sophomore year of high school. Although it was a tremendously difficult transition, I managed to create friends through social media platforms. Had I known I had the ability to discover a whole new world through social media, The 530 & Co. might have been born a bit earlier in my life. All throughout high school, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life, which I think is normal for a 16 year old.

When I lived in Florida, I was a PC nerd! Learning new ways to film videos through the new webcam my mom bought me for my birthday… editing videos with Brittney Spear’s “Oops I did it again” playing in the background… creating simple websites through simple HTML coding… I tried it all, and succeeded in many ways when I was younger. When I moved to California, I discovered, a video platform that most of you know about I’m sure… and I began filming and editing my own videos. This wasn’t until I was about 18, and before then I was too into boys to care about technology (other than Myspace of course). As I grew into a college student, I recognized my love for technology and my love for seeing things in a different light.

Fast forward to my junior year of college, when I transferred to Chico State. I dabbled in Interior Design, Event Planning, Recreation Therapy… but nothing seemed to really grab my attention. To avoid being in college for 10+ years, I decided after I tried a few jobs within the recreation therapy industry, that I’d just get my degree in Event Management.

This was probably the best decision I had ever made in my lifetime, other than going off on my own, and creating a prosperous company that truly makes me happy, of course. But why was this the best decision when I’m not even in event planning anymore? Well, for several reasons.

I’ve always been a go getter, but also lazy in certain areas of my life. I think this comes with the “Millennial” mind set, of always having things just given to us without really trying. But as soon as I met my husband, who is the hardest worker I know, I decided to change my ways.

I met Veronica Enns, the owner of The 530 Bride at a networking meeting I was at with my, at the time, amazing mentor and internship supervisor, Jamie Danno, an incredible marketing professional who has helped me become the woman I am today. Veronica was in the wedding industry, and I told myself time and time again that it just wasn’t what I wanted to dabble in… I hated weddings, the thought of them, and especially the thought of having to answer to commands… but I decided to reach out and see what it could become.

As soon as I met with Veronica, and saw how passionate she was about wedding planning, I was hooked. I researched, I made phone calls to professionals around the area, and I thought I had found my career that I was going to be in for the rest of my life! Within 1 year i was planning and coordinating my own weddings. Within 2, I became the co-owner of The 530 Bride.

But just like that… it ended as quickly as it began. July of 2017, The 530 & Co. was born! Over the past year, I’ve had trials and tribulations that have made me want to quit… but instead, I kept hustling. I created a space where business professionals can express their need for outsourcing. I created family time… I created a company that allows others to enjoy building their business! With that being said, my love for wedding planning ended after this past year. With 20 weddings + mine, I knew it was time to “retire” from this career. A solid 4 years being partners with one of the most amazing women in the world will always be in my heart. I learned so much about business, about loving people, about respecting myself… and lastly about knowing, when I’m unhappy, that it is OK to move on. Veronica allowed me to bow out, and is allowing me to thrive in my new endeavor.

Like the title states, I am a 25 year old entrepreneur who is looking to better not only her career, but also herself. Throughout all of these ups and downs, I have finally found the career path that makes me want to get up in the morning. I have found my love and passion for creating content, copy, and website designs that are simple and manageable.

I look back at my teenager self, remembering how much I loved HTML coding, changing up my Myspace profile… Being the first one to know about a new trend… and now we’re here. Building a company with the same mind frame, just in a more mature manner with a lot more wisdom.

So there you go, my life in a nutshell! I’d love to hear your story. What’s your company like?
Have you ever thought about outsourcing to save yourself some time?

We cannot wait to hear from you!


The 530 & Co.

Delphine Jespersen