The 530 & CO.


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This is Delphine Jespersen, the founder of The 530 & CO. When she isn't planning weddings for her sister company, The 530 Bride, she is helping businesses within the community become noticeably more popular in the area!  When she's not working on our client's SEO and marketing, she enjoys running and watching movies with her husband and, adorable Chihuahua, Daisy.



This is Veronica, my biz bestie, and our in-house graphic designer! Veronica loves practical design and educating clients on how to manage their website, graphic files and branding collateral. Self taught in the Adobe CS6 Creative Suite as well as content management platforms like Wordpress and Squarespace, Veronica is able to create a functional design that represents your vision for your event or business branding. When she isn't at her desk working on a design she is planning events as the owner  of The 530 Bride.